Coaches and Therapists

Who are you?

Are you a coach/therapist who works 100% for his client?  Then you know that excellent support after the death of a person loved by your client will make a difference in the grieving process. But can you also do something for the children who are involved in a farewell? What do you have to offer this endangered group? Do you know what makes the difference for a child to survive this time with less trauma? Death is still a difficult subject for many people. If children are not properly involved and supervised, the damage can be considerable.

Do you recognize this?

They regularly meet adults who find it difficult to find out how and at what age they involve children in funerals.
They want to do something about adult children being misrepresented, which means death.
They can see parents struggling with their own grief while they want to be there for their child.
They are convinced that children, when properly involved in funerals, are introduced to death in a natural and non-traumatic way (which reduces the risk of mourning complications).
You have the knowledge and resources to prepare children to say goodbye or play with them, but you miss the…..

How about…….

If you can contribute to healthy grief and minimize the risk of trauma.

If, in addition to all your knowledge and materials, you receive an additional visual complement that you can use to support your children.

How would you feel if you could do this for the child’s parents?

Are you busy as a coach/therapist? Are you really willing to be different instead of offering more? What are you going to do to pack this for each other?