Another family asking for help. Another family in which you go to work lately to make each other as valuable as possible? Then you know that everything that belongs to the approaching end of life makes THE difference in saying goodbye to a loved one. You are available 24/7 to support your families at this moment in their lives. But can you also do something for the children who are involved in saying goodbye? What do you have to offer this vulnerable group? Do you know what makes the difference for a child to get through this period with less risk of trauma? Death is still a difficult subject for many people. If children are not involved and supported in the right way, the damage can be considerable.

Do you recognize this?

You regularly meet adults who find it difficult how and at what age they involve children in the funeral.
You want to do something about adults giving children a wrong idea of what death means.
You see parents struggling with their own grief, while they also want to be there for their child.
You have the conviction that if children are involved in the funeral in the right way, they get acquainted with death in a natural and non-traumatic way (which reduces the chance of mourning complications).
Do these things keep you busy? Are you ready to be really different, instead of offering more of the same? What are you going to do to make that happen?

What would it be like….

If you have the knowledge and resources to prepare children for farewell.
If you can guide them in their language and at their level.

When you can contribute to a healthy mourning process and minimize the risk of trauma.

What kind of feeling would it give you if you could do this for the child’s parents?